Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Shame on Birding Cadiz!

Quite a bit of shame going the way of the Cadiz Province for producing a bird guide and not acknowledging the huge contributions of non-Spanish birders and organisations. It shows them in a very bad light for not recognising such sterling efforts by so many non-Spanish nationals and the local regional Andalucia Bird Society. An opportunity missed to appeal to a wider audience and get support for encouraging more publicity to birding the province. Shame on them. For those wanting information on birding in Cadiz Province I highly recommend this blog: Birding Cadiz

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Alcalabirder said...

Thank you, Peter, for your blushingly kind comment about my site. Rather than going to my blog page try http://birdingcadizprovince.weebly.com/ for a direct link to my site guide(s). Note, though, that those on offer by this route (via 'ISSUU') are a little out of date so for the latest edition contact me directly (via my website)

I'm assured, incidentally, that when the official Cadiz Guide is revised it will have a link to my notes.