Saturday, June 2, 2012

Nature's funny moments.

Startled, but who is the Spotted Owlet or us? 
Encounters of the smiley kind!
A look back over WBT tours so far this year.

Most folk who have spent time in the wilds and watching nature at firsthand will no doubt have had a tale or two to tell about unusual encounters. For me, looking through various tour photographs, I thought I’d share a few of the more amusing snaps taken so far this year. They made me smile and may they also bring a smile or two to you! It is always great to remember moments of our tours, normally there are so many superb moments on each of the many tours, but the bizarre or chance encounter, strange expressions or behaviour of our wonderful nature just seem to stick in one’s mind.

I hope you enjoy this small collection of my abiding memories so far this year…

If you would like to see more, please leave a comment and if enough folk are willing to suffer, I will post some more photos in the future.

You can be sure this terrier would have been happy the anteater didn't stop!
Costa Rica Tour. Photo: Norman Cook

Makeup on, this Verreaux's-Eagle-Owl is ready for going out on the town.

Mud Skipper - Burping or singing I'm forever blowing bubbles?

Hyacinth Macaw smiling & dribbling at the waterhole.

Bloody pesky insects!

What me? It wasn't me who broke wind honest....

Gotcha, but now what do I do???

Where did that bloody photographer go?

Fierce predator? No way, just a an over-grown softy!

Watching you watching me...

Upland Buzzard thinks camera & cameraman are a rabbit...

I hope you enjoyed this small collection, if you would like to see more, please leave a comment and if enough folk are willing to suffer, I will post more.

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Laurence Butler said...

Cool shots Peter! It's great to get a sampling of the exotic species too. Animals provide us with some much humor and so much to appreciate. I wonder if they ever find something to be funny?

Peter Jones said...

Thanks Laurence! Certainly animals have given me ceaseless sources of both wonder and amusement. I am sure they must have a sense of humour.

Victoria Hillman said...

Great shots, it's always good to see the humorous side of nature! :)

Peter Jones said...

Thanks so very much Victoria, pleased you liked the 'humorous' side of this collection!