Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Thoughts on Nature 2013

I had been determined that today, the 1st January 2013, would be a set-aside day, a day of self-indulgence. The past days had seen clear blue skies and warm daytime temperatures, little wind and ideal conditions for doing some birding. However, completing the latest edition for Birds of Andalucia, submitting ringing totals, doing our travel newsletter and copious amounts of other commitments to finalise before the end of the year, all conspired to keep me away from my beloved countryside! Well the best laid plans eh! Today, when I desired clear skies and sunshine, it’s raining, dull and with low cloud outside, so what to do instead? Think of the year ahead, that’s what…

During an early morning of doodling on my computer I stumbled across a fine idea by a friend Mark Avery on his latest blog. Basically Mark is advocating making a list of one wildlife ambition for each month during 2013. Nice idea I thought, and agree with Mark, this can motivate you to get out and interact with nature. So I ponder, what is achievable and useful….

Like Mark, I have compiled a list for January through to June inclusive; I will update it later in the year. I’d be interested to hear what you think about this idea and what would be your list?

Update: Reaction so far seems positive and one comment I like very much is: "I think it would be positive in several ways, interaction but also actually seeking out info & ways to maybe improve things - every little thing helps - a task a month is also manageable" CA UK.

Photo courtesy of Juan Luis Muñoz
January: Attempt to find an additional territory for Bonelli’s Eagle (currently 38) within my local patch – Serranía de Ronda.

February: Map local breeding sites for Lesser Kestrel, we have 2 populations 1. resident 2. Migrant.

March: Put the camera down and do more fieldwork! Find breeding pair of Black-winged Kite… suspected as breeding for the 1st time within my patch 2012.

April: Set aside at least one day to ring spring arrivals with a focus on Sub-alpine Warbler, but Spectacled would be most welcome!!

May: Continue my research with Black Wheatear social and breeding biology!

June: Census Chiffchaff both Common and Iberian – confusing as we have both in Andalucia!

Finally, what would your list be for 2013? Let me know.

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