Monday, August 12, 2013

Doñana - The shame of Doñana - No.2

It would appear the posts by me regarding the Doñana must be having some affect, though not sure if it is all together very pleasant on a personal basis. Had this recent piece of communication on a social media site:

(The original blog can be found HERE)

Amazing, you make an observation and comment on it then abuse comes hurling back! Some really sad people out there, the topic concerned a visitors centre (Dehesa de Abajo) which had been renovated and stood empty for a long time.... Comments went:

June Taylor. Love this place

Peter Jones. Great, but yet to find this huge investment open!!!

June Taylor. It's been open for a couple of months and it's well worth a visit.

Peter Jones. Good to hear June, renovation work was expensive and then it stood closed for a very very long time, which seemed typically crazy.

Dehesa de Abajo. Peter Jones, if my country is always for you such a bloody disater , why the hell are you living here yet? Don´t you prefer somewhere else, verbigracia lovely UK? (verbigracia = for example)

Peter Jones. What a nice man / person you are. And who precisely has said your country is always such a disaster?? If I thought that then certainly I would not live here. You extremely sad person.

I thought this was quite an extraordinary outburst from a public office and totally over the top. Then again it is encouraging as it means those within the park have read the original blog on Doñana!

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