Monday, October 14, 2013

October Days

A bit of a blogfest right now as I have a window to play catch-up on my blog! So my apologies in advance, for what might seem like a deluge of blogs! I guess October is one of those in between kind of months, a period in time when migrants heading south have largely been and gone, whilst it is still a tadge early for our regular winter visitors to arrive, well at least this early into the month. And yet there is still so much to enjoy in the local mountains, butterflies, dragonflies and newly emerged plant life, a time of plenty for the nature enthusiast.

Thekla Lark
Here are just a few photographs of the past week here and I hope you enjoy this latest collection, all taken using the Canon PowerShot SX50. I am still feeling my way with this camera and like all good men, I haven’t yet read the manual… who knows what I might get around to taking photos of once I've done the manual? Anyway a few efforts below and I need help with some ids if folk can help?

Andalucian Bush Cricket

Epaulet Skimmer

Narsissus cavanillesii

Marsh Frog

Pied Flycatcher

Desert Darter.

Speckled Wood - much brighter here than N.Europe

Western Willow Spreadwing [Chalcolestes viridis].

Finally a local scene!

For more information on the Serrania de Ronda, Sierra de Grazalema please visit our website HERE

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Sue Wright said...

Thanks for the link, Peter, I just had to come straight over and see your blog. It's wonderful to read, and with fantastic wildlife! Not that I was expecting anything else! ;)

I see we've both got the same camera, and what a camera it is with such a range and..just ideal for all I need, well, except flight shots, but I always carry my other (can't think of the model!) for them. It's a Canon with a prime L range lens, perfect for flying shots.

Thanks for the blog to read and be in awe at, Peter, see you soon!

Sue x