Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sierra de las Nieves in Autumn

Despite forecasts to the contrary, the weather continues to provide us with crystal clear blue skies and warm days. A change has been the drop in temperatures at night time, but no complaints from me as the days can be spent outdoors and time catching-up with some autumn colours and wildlife. It is not quite time yet for the spectacular colour of the Alta Genal Valley, when the Sweet Chestnut Trees turn the whole valley gold and red, but won’t be long, possibly another 7 to 10 days. Our winter birds continue to flock into the area and provide opportunities for a photo or two, must be that they get more confiding at times due to feeling safer in the company of so many other birds.

European Goldfinch male
I’ve managed to spend some time in the area Sierra de las Nieves, a wonderfully scenic natural park that enjoys UNESCO Biosphere status. Some of the views we managed yesterday were just spectacular and everyone was struck by the beauty of these high mountains and accompanying valleys. I also managed at last to get some autumn colour into a few sneaky photo shoots. Birds were abundant in the river valleys, where fruit trees and seeding plants provide the main food source, but anywhere near water also offers plenty of insect activity for wintering warblers. Star for the day was a displaying pair of Bonelli’s Eagle and they were showing well as they indulged in their bonding ceremony.

Iberian Grey Shrike
Thought you might enjoy some of the scenery for a change, rather than lots of fauna shots. I certainly am always struck by the beauty of my mountains and very much hope you agree?

Sorry couldn't resist a fine Black Wheatear male (1st winter)

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