Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Costa Rica – A birder’s dream!

Well, apologies for the blog being so quiet of late, but your man has been leading a couple of back-to-back tours in Costa Rica. The time away (from the 2nd February to 8th March) was fun filled and jam-packed with birds, butterflies, dragons and damselflies, plus a staggering array of wildlife. At some point I have to get around to producing some trip reports, but my schedule over the next few weeks will not allow more time writing or even access to the internet. Next week for instance will see me leading and guiding my 40th tour in Morocco, does this qualify me as a veteran wildlife guide for that country? I must be getting close. Photo header is a female Great Potoo actually brooding an egg, yep on a bare branch!

Sunbittern - spreads its fabulously patterned wings to sunbathe!
Anyways, just to give folk a taster of some of the wildlife, mostly birds, I thought it would be fun to post a few photos as a sneaky preview of the trip reports that will eventually be posted. I very much hope you enjoy them and maybe consider joining my next tour to Costa Rica in February 2015?

Scarlet Macaw - the noisiest parrot or at least one of them. 
Double-toothed Kite - such a beautiful raptor.
White-throated Mountain-gem - One of almost 50 hummers seen!!
Orange-collared Manakin - One of the most attractive families of birds.
Bare-throated Tiger Heron - riverside stalker!
Black Vulture - seen every single day of my stay in Costa Rica.

Hope you enjoyed this small collection. I have over 2300 photos to process and hopefully will be able to share more here in the future, certainly some will be included in the trip reports when I eventually have time to write them!

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