Sunday, November 9, 2014

Serranía de Ronda winter wildlife

A mixture of misty mountains, clear crisp blue skies and long awaited rains have conspired to paint a picture of transient days here as cloaks of autumn gently make way for the frosted blanket of winter. A chill is on the wind, sunshine looses its battle for domination and, although temporary, our temperatures subside sliding down a damp slippery slope created by recent rains. Mists swirl and gather in valleys, smoke rises from the brashings of olive trees and autumn piles, whilst many of our plants welcome their annual hibernation, celebrating their temporal retreat with a final flurry of plenty in the form of seed and berry.

And yet, remnants of a summer and warm autumn passing, still desperately cling to their existence, striving against hope to survive beyond their given time. Times, not only seasons, are changing with our climate playing tricks on natural cycles. Dragonflies and Damselflies are still awake, dancing over wet meadows and water filled streams, romance still in their lives as they copulate and lay next years eggs of hope and hence completed procreation, another reason for existence exercised. The sounds have subsided already from the earlier than usual callings of the rutting deer, local herds of female Ibex retreat from the attentions of following males. The awakening of a winter, not fully arrived, is late.

Some images from a busy week and again I hope you enjoy my world. Maybe join me on a tour here in my mountains? See the bottom of this offering.

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