Thursday, January 15, 2015

Birding Málaga - Andalucia Spain

Of the 8 provinces that make-up Andalucia, the most southern region in Spain, Málaga has the greatest diversity for its range of habitats and of course this translates into a huge abundance of wildlife. It represents a remarkable area for visiting naturalists and in particular birdwatchers / birders. There are very few bird species recorded in the entire Iberian Peninsula, which have not occurred in Andalucia, with Málaga Province the birding epicentre and prime site for both resident and visiting birdwatchers.

The website Birding Málaga is a portal for assisting those visiting the area for wildlife and particularly birds. The website is full of useful information for finding specific species, prized birding sites and routes designed to help you get the most out of a visit. The campaign, not just to promote nature in the province, but also to inform likely interested groups or individuals, is organised by the Diputación de Málaga.

Birding in Málaga opens up a world full of possibilities, the diversity of habitats translates into a wide range of bird species. From high mountains and rocky crags, to stunning saline lagoons to open countryside, we have it all. We have Fuente de Piedra, the largest inland salt lake in Spain, where a huge population of Greater Flamingo reside and is a must visit area to see wetland birds of the region. Travel just a short distance and you are surrounded by high limestone mountains, the realm of our most emblematic bird the Bonelli’s Eagle. In fact, the changes in habitat and scenery are always a constant surprise to visitors; you can be in green rolling hillsides one minute and in a forested area the next. From the endemic forests of El Pinsapo (Spanish fir) you pass into oak forests, where many different species of oak can be present. Remarkably these oak forests hold good numbers of birds normally associated with coniferous woodlands such as Crested Tit. Just to add to the attraction of this wonderful province, access is available from any major airport in Europe, to the international Málaga Airport, making a visit inexpensive and very easy.

This year, at the upcoming Fitur 2015 exhibition for tourism, it has been decided to enter Birding Málaga for the prize of the best product for Nature Tourism active during the course of Fitur 2015, the competition is organised by the magazine Open Air. Birding Málaga are in the third category Nature Tourism. You can vote on this link and at the same time participate in the 'sorteo' for a prize of two nights free in a hotel. Voting will take no more than 5 minutes and it will be of great help to promote wildlife/bird tourism in our province. Thank you so much for your indulgence.

We have recently created a new 'Facebook' page to help us inform people of the rich bird life Málaga Province has to offer. Here we can answer queries or questions about wildlife in general as well as guide you to the best birding sites in the region. Why not join our group page? Please request membership to this public group by clicking here.

From us all here in Málaga Province, we look forward to welcoming you to our home!


Angela Berni said...

Good day,i would like to know the name of the bird below the flamingos,plus any information on it as i have now seen it twice in my garden. Thank you.

Peter Jones said...

Hi Angela, It is a Hoopoe. I have done a blog on the species and you might want to read it for more information on this bird. Peter - The link:

Sue hawkes said...

I don't have a picture but a very small bird visits my birdbath. It is quite a bit slimmer and smaller than a sparrow and completely black - any Ideas please? Sue hawkes