Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cavorting around the birding world!

Oh what to do when it is raining and damp outdoors? Guess what....

It’s a rainy day here, the second in a row, so I thought I’d look through the various photo albums by country for the year of 2013. I am always reminded just how lucky I am to be a professional wildlife guide, when I make the time to look through the various photographs that depict each year. Free travel, great destinations, wonderful birds among other wildlife and most importantly travelling with friends old and new. It is a privileged life and one I never ever take for granted. Strangely 2013 was a year when I worked more in Spain than travel around the globe, but still photos bring back fond memories of some great tours.

Gambia - see itinerary / details HERE

Abyssinian Roller - Gambia
Red-billed Firefinch

Among both cherished and memorable times travelling overseas were tours to Thailand, Morocco (3 times), Costa Rica, Norway and Uganda, besides a few others, so it is good to share a few of those trips here and with you. I hope you enjoy the journey!

Thailand - see itinerary / details HERE

Scarlet-faced Liocichla
Silver-eared Mesia

Costa Rica - see itinerary / details HERE

Golden-browed Chlorophonia
Collared Forest Falcon

Morocco - see itinerary / details HERE

Blue-cheeked Bee Eater
Crimson-winged Finch

Norway - see itinerary / details HERE

Bohemian Waxwing

Brazil - see itinerary / details HERE

Agami Heron
Hyacinth Macaw

Uganda - see itinerary / details HERE

Red-throated Bee Eater
Grey-crowned Crane

Spain - see itineraries / details HERE

Black Vulture
Cetti's Warbler

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Day Tours and Tours in Spain see HERE

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Findlay Wilde said...

What a colourful collection. From Findlay

Peter Jones said...

Thanks Findlay, they certainly help brighten a dull day here in Spain. Peter

TexWisGirl said...

such exotic beauties! gorgeous photos! thanks for sharing!

HansHB said...

Awesome shots, well done!

Phil Slade said...

Tremendously colourful pictures Peter. Abysinian Roller is one of the most spectacular birds I've seen. I'm in Lanzarote next week if you're around.

Christian Weiß said...

Stunning set of photos, they looks like interesting tours.


Wow...I'm breathless!!! Just look at all the colors...like living in paradise. And you have proved it today with these gorgeous birds!!

Karen said...

What a marvellous variety of birds, all beautifully captured! Just love the Roller!

eileeninmd said...

Gorgeous collection of birds and photos. Great post!

Wally Jones said...

What a joy to view your awesome artwork, Peter!

I look forward to reviewing your past articles and keeping up with your future adventures.

Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Daniel: Loved it. thanks for sharing it with us. and the pics you have clicked are really good. Spain is always best tourist place for travellers.

Peter Jones said...

Thanks so very much for all your encouraging comments. Peter

Mary Howell Cromer said...

I must say Peter, you never cease to amaze with your colourful assortment of gorgeous bird images. These are each and everyone stunning captures and shares. I would feel so fortunate had I just seen one section of these beauties, and so I know how you must feel with being able to travel and have such great opportunities. Excellent~

Dave said...

Well Peter you just blew us all away with these images, superb images of some truly wonderful birds of the world.

Gail Dixon said...

So many beautiful birds you have seen all over the world! Impressive. The agami heron and crane are particular standouts, but they are all awesome. Visiting from Wild Bird Wednesday. :)

Peter Jones said...

Thanks so very much Mary, Dave and Gail. So very kind and much appreciated. Peter

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh thank you Peter -- these are incredible -- you have been so many wonderful places and seen so many wonderful birds. It is a lovely gift that you share these images with those of us who can't hire you as a guide except virtually!

Peter Jones said...

Thank you Sallie, the pleasure is of course always in the sharing and hope some folk enjoy what is shared. Pretty awesome blog of yours too! Peter