Thursday, July 25, 2019

Nature's Healing

"Letting nature in and finding a better you requires no effort, just venture into any wild space, breath deeply and let nature do her work".

In a universe far far away and in a time removed from most people's memories, there was a beginning to a passion, a love and appreciation for the beauties of nature. She invaded a space that at the time was fully occupied by toy trains, metal soldiers (yes they weren't plastic in those days), lemonade and beans on toast. It all seems so very long ago, but the joys and wonders of nature have never left me and I give special thanks for that.

At a very tender age of around 6 or 7, the books gifted to me by my parents were an inspiration (amazingly we read books in those days), they opened a window for a young enquiring mind to explore my local surrounding countryside, first in Wiltshire and then the local heathlands of Hampshire. Butterflies, insects of all shapes and sizes, reptiles and amphibians, trees and flowering plants, rolling pastures and water meadows all became companions, whilst birds in all their glory became that incredible obsession lasting a whole lifetime.

It has been a rollercoaster ride of elation, despair, discovery and challenges. It has been a life full of wonderful characters and lasting friendships. Without the introduction from my parent's gifts I have no idea how much in life I may have missed, or how much my own character would have been shaped or affected by not knowing Mother Nature and her giving.

It is in nature we can find ourselves, find solace in those dark days (we all have those days), she can be the healing and the light that enables us to feel better about our life, enjoying and feeling her embrace. It just requires you to allow her in to work that magic.

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Joyce said...

Such lovely words...we all need to read something like this to reawaken those thoughts, moments from the past that started us down our road, and remind us of the truly important people in our lives. Thank you, Peter.